Penelope Faras Senyak

Being left brained from birth and a first-born child, it never occurred to me to pick up a paintbrush and create art. I dabbled with paint-by-numbers And, my father proudly displayed my “art” on the walls of his garage. He and my mother had already decided that I would be the first of the family to bring home a college degree. Of course, I did, and so my career in public education began!

By then, new husband, new job and new responsibilities and besides, I was too old for paint-by-number sets. Fast forward through almost thirty years in education, followed by 15 more years in a post-retirement job (nope, still not doing art!).

Meanwhile, my little brother brought home the second family college degree—with a minor in art! Hhhmmmnn, that was interesting! And then came our baby sister, third child, and “real” artist! In spite of family pleas to get a degree that would get her a “good” job, she persisted until she got the third family college degree, and a life-long romance with art. FYI-she also birthed a son that is the best artist of all of us!

So, the little sister, still an artist and still persistent, calls me one day and says, “so why don’t you take an art class now that you are retired?”

Me: “Because I have no talent!”

Her: “How do you know if you never tried?”

Me: Silent

I just avoided the subject whenever we talked after that, but, still persistent, she sends me a watercolor kit for Christmas! I put it in the basement, thinking that I might go down and try it sometime, but I don’t. About a year later I have this great idea—maybe I should take an art class. So, I do! And I LOVE IT SO MUCH! Little sisters can be such a pain! Do I have any talent? Maybe. You be the judge.