Angela F. Baker Garner

As an educator in NYC for 30+ years, my joy came from motivating high school students and mentoring college students who were pursuing careers as Guidance Counselors.

After retiring in 2014, my husband and I relocated to Youngstown, Ohio. No longer working, I took my first art class at the MCCTC, then enrolled in a watercolor class at YSU. After taking an oil painting class at the YMCA, I knew my passion was painting portraits. Retirement allows taking many art classes, sometimes three or four a week. Different instructors teach different things, with varying techniques. I find myself totally engrossed in absorbing everything!

In my large family, I’m known as the “Historian”, always documenting events with pictures and albums. I use many of those pictures as references for paintings of family, former students and colleagues, and of my dogs. My instructors have encouraged spreading my wings and entering juried art shows. I have been blessed with recognition, and sometimes awards.

I thank God for this gift, which gives my life much purpose and joy.